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Letter received 22 December 2014 -

Dear Friends,

All the famllies here have received assistance.  We waited for the last family to receive the money.  This delay was because Josef Khomyak was in hospital.

All the families here, send you our sponsors sincere congratulations and thanks.  The families are very grateful for your important assistance.  Also, we and all the families in Buchach village wish you, the sponsors and all persons engaged in the Maria Relief Fund charity, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We wish you prosperity and success in your work.  May God reward you for what you have done for each of our families.  This photograph was taken during the first meeting of the families.

P.S. - I want to note that Vasyl Kaban performed his duties very well!  He encouraged the people from Ivano-Frankivsk to get help.  He sends you greetings and wishes you Merry Christmas.


Father Vlodymyr, Mother Marya and Marko.



A Poem - My Little Child

I have something to tell you, my dear daughter

To be with you, my freshest flower

There is so much to tell, of sadness, cold and difficulties

How to choose

What can I bear to ignore?

When I talk to the children

I cannot describe the people who have wronged us.

Their dark deeds should not be paraded before such innocent faces.

I cannot speak of these people who have driven us apart

And made separation and sadness into a refuge.

Let us speak of the other people

Now distant but still honest

Whose love turns them from their own path

To smooth the cares from their children's brows.

What do they want most, these honest, caring people?

To feel the warm blossoming of a smile

Spreading like a flower

Across your face.

Hamid’s poem
dedicated to his daughter Maryam


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